Best High School Flexible Seating Options

Best high school flexible seating options

· A flexible seating environment is NOT: A special chair designated as a treat or reward; A reading corner with a few bean bags; Replacing all the chairs in the classroom with a class set of yoga balls; The same thing as “personalized learning” A new fad — Montessori schools have been using these concepts for years.

· As you look for ways to create a flexible seating, consider the following: Think of your seating options as solo (floor cushions, bean bags, gaming chairs, arm chairs, yoga balls, standing desks) or cluster arrangements (bar-height tables, couches, benches).

Opt. · The key to flexible seating is that it must be functional for students, and we all have some who work better at desks. To be exact, I kept 17 desks and added 12 plus flexible seating options (the plus comes from kids piling around the coffee table and using floor and window ledge space like seating). 5. · This past school year I took on the daunting task of making my high school English classroom flexible seating friendly.

Many parents and teachers have asked me why I chose to do this, how it works, and what are the advantages and disadvantages that accompany this type of layout; therefore, I decided to address this in my very first blog post.

Personalizing Learning with Flexible Seating

The flexible classroom, with couches, mats, optional and alternative seating, and cozy corners for kids to concentrate, is cropping up more often again this school year, but the efforts to get rid of rigid rows of desks goes back a decade, and perhaps more than 80 years. · High school teachers were making flexible seating work in rooms that averaged about square feet.

The number of students per class ranged from 27 to Respondents were almost universal in reporting that their students took their seating options seriously and that discipline problems had actually decreased since the shift to flexible seating.

High School Classroom Decor: Semi Flexible Seating in a Secondary ELA Classroom. students can then choose to move to a different location where they work best. so now I will share where I picked up the flexible seating options. · In my previous post, the first post in my ongoing series on flexible seating, I laid out my rationale for implementing flex seating in my high school English vzgy.xn--b1aac5ahkb0b.xn--p1ai this post, I’ll walk you through my planning process.

The first thing to mention here is timing: I waited until summer vacation to plan out my flexible seating in earnest, and I’m glad I did. 4 Tips to Make Flexible Seating Work | High School TeacherHere are my 4 TOP TIPS to making flexible seating successful in a high school classroom! Flexible S. · Yoga mats are a great flexible seating option, and they’re relatively cheap. I’ve heard of teachers cutting one mat in half to get 2 flexible seating options out of 1 mat.

Yoga balls are great to use at any student desk or table in your classroom. Here are some of my favorite flexible seating options that we use all day every day in our classroom: Exercise Balls. As much as I would love every student to have an exercise ball to use all day, that isn’t realistic for my classroom space or my budget. I bought exercise balls as an option for flexible seating. · It allows students to move around the classroom to do their work and communicate in a comfortable setting.

Flexible seating options are abundant in these classrooms. They have both high seating and low seating for engagement and reward. If you look around, you will also find seating options such as yoga balls, floor pillows, stools, and beanbags.


The Most Popular Flexible Seating Options for Elementary ...

· Alternative seating can also promote core strength, balance, coordination, and posture. Simply by being exposed to subtle movement experiences throughout the day (e.g.

Best high school flexible seating options

bouncing lightly on a ball while they read, rocking on a wobble stool during a video), kids’ bodies learn to make slight adjustments in their positioning to “catch” themselves from rolling too far to one side.

· Our classroom uses scoop seats, pillows, stability cushions, regular chairs, standing desks, and wobble seats for flexible seating options. The. Flexible Seating The Bintiva active floor seat is a great flexible seating option for children.

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The movement the ball top provides allows them to wiggle around while seated. Educators and parents alike report that movement helps calm children that have a hard time sitting still, thereby increasing their focus.

Make math learning fun and effective with Prodigy Math Game. Free for students, parents and educators. Sign up today! Trideer Inflated Wobble Cushion - Flexible Seating Classroom (Extra Thick), Core Balance Disc (Multiple Colors), Wiggle Seat for Sensory Kids (Office & Home & School). gives students ownership over their participation and engagement in the classroom.

Flexible. seating can include a variety of options including scoop rockers, pillows, disc o’ sits, standing. desks, therapy balls, and many more options.

Flexible Seating on a Budget? You Can Do It! - WeAreTeachers

Flexible Seating. K’Motion Stools, Hokki Stools, and our other flexible seating options are the perfect furniture solutions for fidgety students and teachers. Ideal for group brainstorming, circle time lessons, or reading time in an early education environment, these alternative seating options can help children improve their posture, develop.

· Brooke Markle, a middle school teacher, jumped through many hurdles to recently introduce flexible seating in her classroom (8 options to be exact) with great success. Trideer Inflated Wobble Cushion - Flexible Seating Classroom (Extra Thick), Core Balance Disc (Multiple Colors), Wiggle Seat for Sensory Kids (Office & Home & School).

Designing Flexible Seating With Elementary School Students ...

Aug 7, - Explore Diane Kimsey's board "4th Grade Flexible Seating", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Flexible seating, Flexible seating classroom, Classroom seating pins. · And, of course, flexible seating shouldn’t look the same in first grade as it does in eleventh.

Best high school flexible seating options

To help narrow down the options, we looked at thousands of DonorsChoose requests for flexible seating to figure out what the most popular options are for teachers in each grade level. Flexible Seating in Early Elementary (Grades pre-k-2). · For flexible seating to work, teachers have to know their students and what they can and can’t handle.

So at the beginning of the year, I take time to get to know my students, and I have more of a say in where they sit. As they come to understand the different seating options, I.

Many flexible seating options stimulate students’ sense of touch. Motivation. Students are motivated to earn and keep their favorite spots. Smith System Offers Plethora of Flexible-Seating Options. Filling a classroom with mismatched, adult-sized, odds-and-ends seating is not an ideal flexible-seating classroom, nor does it promote good posture. Flexible seating in a primary or high school setting looks less like a kindergarten and more like a cafe, according to the renowned 3rd-grade teacher and “flexible seating guru” Kayla vzgy.xn--b1aac5ahkb0b.xn--p1ai her article for Edutopia “Flexible Seating and Student-Centered Classroom Redesign”, Delzer suggests that some of the benefits that students experience when using flexible seating include.

If you're looking for more flexible seating furniture to match the pillows, then make sure you check out our Foamnasium back sofas and cloud chairs. This playroom furniture is a great way of keeping kiddos comfy during reading time and naptime. The soft foam shredding and tough vinyl make these pieces a durable, yet safe choice for your students.

· Open Seating When I first implemented flexible seating last year, it was such a huge shift for me that the control freak in me still needed a seating chart. I had students start in traditional seats and desks for direct instruction and when it was independent work or small group work, I allowed students to move into flexible seating options.

· What is Flexible Seating? Flexible seating is exactly what it sounds like. Different seating options available throughout the room for students to utilize. These can vary depending on the classroom make-up, teacher preference, and student need. Some popular flexible seating materials include large pillows alongside desks lowered to the ground.

A typical high school classroom sees a rotation of + students each day. Because adolescents vary in height and size, implementing movement-based school furniture into the classroom may seem challenging.

WittFitt brings their expertise to work with teachers at. · I, too, love the idea of flexible seating, but I don't love the idea of full-blown flexible seating! flexible seating classroom

I have always had flexible seating options available, but I've also always had assigned seats. There are times I let my students "work around the room" and they can choose what and where works best for them, and there are times when I want them.

While some teachers have chosen to switch to flexible seating straight away, others have taken a more reserved approach by adding some flexible seating options to the traditional classroom layout. Neither route to flexible seating is better than the other and teachers are best-placed to determine what is right for their students. - Flexible seating in your middle school classroom! More. At Wayfair, we carry a wide selection of School Seating so you can choose from many different options for your home.

We carry the best School Seating products, so you can find one that is just right for you.

Best High School Flexible Seating Options: A Special Education Classroom You Need To See | Scholastic

With our large selection of home goods, you're likely to find something that you'll love. Wiggle Seats & Sensory Chairs. The right seating solution can help improve concentration at school, work or home.

Active seating lets you move around on your chair and engage core muscles to help improve focus when you're feeling distracted, and also challenges balance and body awareness when you need extra sensory input. Regardless of what solutions schools adopt, it is important to remember flexible seating is not about how advanced the furniture is, but how students can use it.

“Flexible seating is about more than simply having a variety of different, fun seats in the classroom,” writes Brooke Markle, an English teacher at Mechanicsburg Middle School in. · These classroom seating options can meet the needs of a single student or a group of students.

Best high school flexible seating options

From wobble seats, to therapy balls, to using a futon in the classroom, flexible seating looks like a lot of different things! The alternative seating options below are a do-it-yourself version. Tire Seat-You may have seen DIY tire seats shown on. · Let me help! The image below is a direct link to a video walking you through the steps of preparing and executing flexible seating in your classroom. In this video I cover how I launch each seating option with visuals, how my students choose their seats without running or fighting and where you can find flexible seating options right now!

· When students are finished, flexible seating is open for business.

DIY Flexible Seating Ideas - The OT Toolbox

They can read or work on personal choice activities where ever they like. Also, I can choose to use the flexible seating when and if I want for different activities. So if everyone is working on a writing project, I might allow clip-boards and flexible seating for that activity.

Help me give my students alternative seating options to choose from that differ from traditional chairs. My students from Oklahoma are 11th and 12th grade kids in a high-poverty, rural community. My part-time students range from 7th grade to 11th grade and are in my reading remediation classes. 1) Ask your principal and stockpile seating options (I will list mine at the end if you need ideas). Also, research seating options and keep a list of ideas you love! 2) Buy seating options yourself or use a program like Donor's Choose to be funded!

3) Prep your students! We talked about flexible seating. I did it, I made the jump and started Flexible Seating! I'm a week in and I love it! Let me share with you how it has worked in my classroom. At the beginning of my career, I was a special education teacher and really embraced seating options then.

40+ 4th Grade Flexible Seating ideas | flexible seating ...

So when I got into the classroom, I continued to allow for more flexible seating, although I still had name tags, tables, and chairs. · Many flexible seating options stimulate students’ sense of touch.

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This can help students focus and process information. Sensory input is especially helpful for students with ADD, and ADHD. Further, one teacher found that flexible seating provides clear boundaries for students who struggle with self-regulation during whole group instruction.

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